Lake Levels



photo_goldensunsetbeachAs you may or may not know, Lake Koocanusa is a manmade reservoir that was created 43 years ago (1975) when the Libby Dam was constructed on the Kootenay River in Montana, USA.  Lake levels fluctuate throughout the year and are generally highest in July, August and then decrease slightly throughout the fall.

This year is projected to be a little higher than last year’s (2017) levels.

2018 Projected Libby Elevations – Probable Range:

Libby Dam Operating range 2287 to 2459 ft
May 31st: 2393 ft to 2426 ft
June 30th: 2436 ft to 2456 ft
July 31st: 2451 ft to 2457 ft
August 31st: 2449 ft

For recent information on lake levels, check out these references:

2018 Libby Dam Summary